Recovering from Wavefront LASIK Surgery

Published: 14th May 2010
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Wavefront™ LASIK is a custom LASIK procedure that uses sophisticated mapping technology to identify the unique dimensions and imperfections of the eye. Wavefront™ is a safe and effective form of laser eye surgery, and is usually received well by almost all patients.

Recovery from Wavefront LASIK is fairly easy and free of complications. Immediately following the procedure, patients are allowed to return home to sleep and rest for the remainder of the day. They are usually given protective eyewear to wear in the car ride home, and in some cases eye drops to use for several days afterward.

Patients are required to have someone drive them home from their procedure. When they have returned home, the patients typically sleep for the rest of the day after their Wavefront™ LASIK procedure. Patients are strongly discouraged from touching or rubbing their eyes after their procedure, and some eye surgeons may tape protective shields over the eyes to prevent this.

Eye drops will reduce the chance of infection, inflammation, or irritation in the week or so following Wavefront™ LASIK. The drops will have a lubricating effect and improve the patient's recovery period. Wavefront™ LASIK patients may notice an immediate improvement in their eyesight, or they may notice it after several days. In any event, eyesight will continue to improve until it is as optimal as the eye surgeon has promised. Your eye surgeon will continue to monitor your eyesight and its improvement over the next few weeks following the Wavefront™ procedure to ensure that your vision correction procedure has the anticipated outcomes.

If you have more questions about the Wavefront™ technology, the procedure itself, or the recovery period, contact an experienced and qualified vision correction professional. He or she would be happy to go into further detail regarding your options and what you can expect.

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